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SaltaCord Theraputics

SaltaCord Theraputics is a fully owned unit of Salta Biotech & Neuraceuticals, which deals with devloping personalized tissue regeneration technologies and therapeutic solutions, while integrating biological cells, biomaterials and nanobiotechnology process know hows. SaltaCord offers solutions in bone marrow transplantation, haploidentical transplants and cancer immuno therapies, SaltaCord provides USFDA & CDSCO/DCGI approved cell processing systems for transplantative & clinical research.

Who we are?

Your service provider - for research & development in novel biologicals for tissue regeneration, smart and intelligent biomaterials, adult stem cell, cellular therapies, molecular & cellular diagnostics, tissue & cell banking, education, training and personalized health care. SaltaCord Theraputics is positioned to be country's best tissue engineering and cell transplantation support provider to clinicians and hospitals. We have cGMP, GLP compliant cell processing ISO7 clean room to serve the need of clinical research in tissue transplants. We also provide modular clean rooms and USFDA compliant cell processing units.

Our Approach

Our approach involves integrating the latest research in cell biology, tissue engineering, biotechnology; towards development of new solutions in regenerative medicine, we partner with research labs, scientists, ompanies and clinical establishments globally to achieve our goals.

Partnering Companies

We encourage market and product development partnership with stem cells, tissue engineering and biopharma companies which provide unique solutions to unmet medical needs.

Partnering Doctors

SaltaCord Theraputics brings together a term of experienced stem cell and cell transplant surgeons and physicians across India and abroad to offer you the best possible and safe treatment options. This include experts in bone marrow transplants, sports medicine, orthopedics, reconstructive surgeries, antiaging, cancer immunotherapies, infertility, dermatology, gynecology, neurology, liver & kidney transplants etc.

Partnering Scientists

SaltaCord Theraputics also has an internationally renowned team of experienced scientists in the areas of clinical research, stem cells, tissue engineering, immunology, oncology and cell biology.

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