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Salta™ Biotech & neutraceuticals has emerged as one of the leading pharmaceutical player in the country, having firmly established itself over the last 5 years. It is involved in manufacturing and marketing in wide range of allopathic & herbal preparations in the form of tablets, capsules, oral liquids, granules and dry syrups, adhering to cGMP standards. At Salta™ Biotech & neutraceuticals, it is always an endeavour to achieve growth and profitability by offering quality products, increasing emphasis on R&D and adopting good management practices. Salta™ Biotech & neutraceuticals strives to move ahead with the motto of sharing profits and achieving enhanced customer satisfaction. The Company's management is responsive to the market dynamics, with an enhance on anticipating and understanding customer needs through constant communication initiatives.

The Products of Salta™ Biotech & neutraceuticals are WHO-GMP certified and also has been awarded ISO 9001-2000.

The product manufactured at Salta Biotech, the manufacturing division of Salta Biotech are widely marketed in India, besided direct and indirect exports.

Our Corporate Goal:

Our Corporate goal is to emerge as a strong marketing company and be amongst the top pharmaceutical companies of India within a span of 5 years . It is our objective to establish excellent brand equity with our products like: Salta™, Casa™-1000, Saltalax, Saltanza, Salta™ Plus, Saltalyn and Saltanut.
Our current corporate goals are to have a sizeable share of calcium, anti-oxidant market and anti-inflammatory market, where in the past our formulations are well accepted and are trailblazers in their respective segment.

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